Silk Shaded, Pine Martin – RSN

Having not posted anything for a couple of months I thought I would add my favourite image to date.  I have taken on a number of silk shading projects recently and this portrait of a Pine Martin has come out beautifully.  The background is more iceberg blue, rich and vibrant than the photograph shows and as blue and orange are complimentary colours it makes the fur on the Pine Martin really zing!  I am particularly pleased with the Pine Martin’s eye and the depth that has been achieved with the use of Medori silk threads.  What I find particularly special about a silk shaded animal is that unlike a painting there is a 3-D element to the work and the threads lie like fur on the background.  I have noticed there is a huge temptation for people to stroke the work!  Animals and the natural world have always been a passion of mine and I am thrilled with the realism I was able to achieve with this piece.  A personal favourite!

1. Finished piece
2. Colour blending is key for working the fur in order to achieve a natural effect, take note of lights and dark areas.
3. Fur direction is paramount so that a natural effect can be achieved.
4. As the fur gets shorter so must the stitches.  The angle of the stitches must be carefully watched.

2 thoughts on “Silk Shaded, Pine Martin – RSN

  1. It’s amazing to me how you can get photo-realism in the eye and fur. Stunning image and just a fantastic job. You have incredible skill.


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